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Parenting & Relationships

  1. Tell Me About It: Mom's stroke threatens plans for children


    Q: Recently you gave advice about how it's "never the perfect time to have a baby," and that's true, but does the calculation change any if you're planning to be a single mom?

  2. Tell Me About It: Wife uses silent treatment to be cruel


    Q: My wife is a wonderfully sensible person and appropriately sensitive. She is the oldest of three sisters and often feels left out. The age and geographical distance make it understandable that her two sisters have a much closer relationship.

  3. Tell Me About It: Grandson could use advice, not judgement


    Q: My 17-year-old grandson bought his 17-year-old girlfriend of barely two months lingerie from Victoria's Secret. I think this is very inappropriate. He thinks I'm a dinosaur. Guidance, please?


  4. Tell Me About It: Shut down sister-in-law's weight shaming


    Q: My sister and her wife, "Sue," will be visiting soon. I'm feeling anxiety about Sue's visit.

  5. Tell Me About It: Woman takes mom's advice the wrong way


    Q: I was laid off recently from a job of 15 years. My confidence took a blow.

  6. Tell Me About It: Parents think she can get sister to move out


    Q: My sister, "Sarah," is turning 30 soon. Except during college, she has lived with my parents rent-free her entire life. I have always taken the stance of, "It's my parents' and sister's business what they do," and never brought it up.

  7. Tell Me About It: Navigating body issues with teenagers


    Q: Do you have any advice for approaching or responding to the topics of body image, healthy eating and exercising with my tween daughter? Her body's changing, and once in a while she laments the changes — nothing I'm concerned about, normal stuff. I also see these (relatively infrequent) comments as …

  8. Tell Me About It: Mom's worried she'll be judged for dating


    Q: I'm a 45-year-old divorced mom of two boys (10 and 7). For the first time since way before my marriage ended, I miss dating and specifically romantic intimacy — not just sex but closeness.