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  1. Tell Me About It: Restless spirit yearns to put roots down


    Q: I'm at a loss as to how to put roots down and make a home. I've been moving around nationally and globally every two to three years, both within and between jobs, and I think it's affected my ability to feel at home anywhere. I really want to commit to a place, which means committing to a job typically; I'm in …

  2. Tell Me About It: Breakups can't be on one partner's terms


    Q: It's been over a month since my ex and I had an argument, and we haven't spoken to each other since. We've been together for over a year and have had trivial arguments like this, and we always get back together after a few days of "cooling off." I always like to settle arguments at that moment, but he likes to …

  3. Tell Me About It: Critical parents may deserve another view


    Critical parents may deserve another view

  4. Tell Me About It: Couple has the wrong idea about weddings


    Couple has the wrong idea about weddings

    Q: My wife and I were married a year ago. We were slightly surprised at the number of guests who never sent a wedding gift, around 10 percent of those who attended.

  5. Tell Me About It: Wedding showers can suit one's own style


    Q: I'm getting married in six months! I'm getting pressure from friends who want to throw me a wedding shower. It's really not my thing. Is this kind of pomp and circumstance required?

    Don't Want a Wedding Shower

  6. Tell Me About It: Spouse pushes the boundaries of trust


    Q: My husband and I are apparently at very different points as to the shape opposite-gender friendships take. He is an avid, hardcore hiker. He met a woman (also married) on a hiking forum and wants to take a weeklong hiking trip with her to an extremely isolated location.

  7. Tell Me About It: Friend wants bestie to share more feelings


    Q: I have a friend who is not good at expressing vulnerability. We've been best friends for three years and only once has she opened up to me about traumatic life experiences — and only then because we forced ourselves to talk about emotions by playing "Feelings Roulette." She never asks for emotional …

  8. Tell Me About It: Take control of nosy questions about kids


    Q: My husband and I have spent two years going through fertility treatment, so far without success. We keep this mostly private when we're asked — often — if we're planning to have kids, but occasionally if appropriate I'll say we're trying but no luck yet.